Sunday, March 25, 2007


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New website online


the new website is uploaded. its not complete. but most of the photographs are up. will keep updating when i have the time...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Converstations with taz

To give you a brief introduction about taz, hes a male flight attendant and he travels all over the world. And being on the same mental wavelenght as i am it creates many a zany converstations. Yesterday he told me something that i just cant get over. He just got back from Osaka Japan and this is what he saw there.

In the subway, during peak commuting hours, at each entrance door of the trains, stands 2 or 3, glove and surgical mask wearing bouncer type people, who once the commuters enter the train will adjust the way you stand and push and pull you in spaces so the most amount of people can fit in efficiently in one bogey... its like human tetris.

i love the japanese for things like this. they didnt make the train bigger. but they just squezzed more people in efficiently...

& i love the bombay railway system for perfecting the system. we have this process automated...

Monday, October 16, 2006


I shot this picture yesterday for Qatar Telecommuncations. But the reason i find this picture so captivating is that working here in doha truly feels like this. its been 6 years now since ive been here. and i have more bad work experiences than good ones. but i always looked at it as lessons learned. In hindsight im glad the experiences were so painful.


In qatar nobody really cares. As long as the money is in the bank everything else is just secondary. Right now in qatar 60% of the billboards and out door stuff has my photography on it. For the last month every newspaper has at least 1 of my photography in it. Worked on the Asian Games ticket campaign. so if u see a ticket advert for the asian games its probably mine. In any other country it would be quite a big deal. but in qatar its still secondary. Its how much money ive made out of all this thats more intersting to people than the fact that i did the dam work.

this is why the picture makes soo much sense to me. I might as well be working in the middle of the desert somewhere, but as long as i have the money in the bank, id keep smiling staring at the computer screen... like monkeys in a cage. we get our food. we scratch our heads, we throw shit around. in the end of the day we keep smiling at the world that passes by outside our cage.

Recently i had partnered up with grey worldwide to handle all their photography. was busy so no blogging. But the projects are over and im back to typing words at a computer screen. will put up the pics soon. some funny, some just silly. we also stuffed a ferarri with food till it overflowed. will explain everything shortly. its good to be back.......

Sunday, September 03, 2006

G'day Mate!

Ive just gotten back from my trip to Australia and New Zealand. And this is what I have to say about that. ITS TOO FAR AWAY…

Man, getting there is such a task. Its just hours and hours of sitting in a seat designed to make you feel uncomfortable. No matter how many gadgets u put into a seat and how many attachments you put in it, the space is just too little. I figured, that for those 24 odd hours of flying time it becomes like a really tiny hotel room. You get room service when u press a button. Your mess gets cleared up without asking. Your tv screen is really tiny. Your phone calls are charged. The seat your in has been used a kazillion times before. But if you are at a window seat, and if you are lucky you get a good view.

Here’s one thing I know for sure. The person sitting next to you is more interesting than you think. When you fly across oceans like I did your bound to be seated next to someone who has lived a completely different life than you have and trust me its bloody fascinating. If its not fascinating its definitely downright hilarious.

On my way to Brisbane I was seated next to this Australian woman. Didnt talk much with her till I reached Singapore cause I was just tired and wanted to sleep. But then I offered her some mint when I woke up and we started chatting. She was a ‘goat farmer’

Yes you read it right. She lived on farm, worked on a farm and bread goats for a living. And I cannot begin to tell you how much info I received on goats. Today I have new found respect for goats. Someday if anyones interested ill put up a post of all that she had told me and trust me you’ll be amazed as well.

On my way back to Doha, I met this Scottish guy who lived in Australia but was working for the government that controlled the population of mosquitoes. It seems that someday there might be a new epidemic if the disease carrying mosquitoes aren’t kept in check from now. He didn’t tell me much about the mosquitoes but he did tell me bout all the diseases they carry. It’s a very scary thought knowing how deadly the small insects are who we just consider as pests….

Once in Brisbane the I had a great time. The weather was great and the company was amazing. But then again I was with the love of my life bev so everything is always good when im with her. Will post the pics sometime soon. This post was just a filler for the people who missed me.

Big thanks going out to all of my kiwi friends. Ross, Reah, Lawrence, Surbi, Arron, Mel and Wayne. Wouldn’t have been half the fun if you guys wernt around. I had a real great time and I hope we can all do something like that again soon…


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Chameli Night

“You can take a man out of India but you can never take the need for extreme stupidity out of an indian”.
- Clinton Cardozo. 4th august 2006

This is a post ive been wanting to write for a while now but never got around to doing it cause I didn’t get an overdose of what I experienced last night. Following is the gist of my morbid experience at something called chameli night.

We have this club here called cloud NYN. It’s quite a cozy place to go to on the weekends. Its not an awesome club but the guy who runs the place Satish, aka Dj stash is a great guy and I support him in whatever endeavors he sets on. He plays the music I like and there are generally some good friends around so you kinda forget the fact that it’s a dingy dump.

Anyhow stash throws these various theme nights. One of them is called chameli night.
It is what the name states it is. A night dedicated to Indian remixed club music. Firstly id like there to have been a better name. and not the most common name of a really cheap Indian prostitute. They even made a movie bout this Indian prostitute called chameli.

You would think that naming a theme night after majority of indian hookers will keep the people at bay. But let me tell you that the club had to send people away at the gate. It was THAT crowded. I like crowds in clubs, it makes it more clubby. But when I get brushed by this overzealous fat indian dude who is drenched with sweat in his authentic silk kurta it makes me rethink how good of a friend stash is to me. If ever I had gone and experienced this Kumbh ka mela I keep hearing about in old hindi movies, it probably would have felt like it. I was scared that I would never find my way back to civilization.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind the theme night. Being a musician I do appreciate the different kinds of musical genres. Even if its like hindi club music. What I have an issue with is the kinda people it attracts. Why cant us Indians tone is down a little? I don’t like loud obnoxious people who try soo hard to show everyone they are having fun. Indians on the whole are loud, yeah I agree. You can see that at every goan wedding but when ure in a confined space and everyone is behaving the same way, it gets a little daunting.

Then comes the good old indian attitude. You must remember something. Indians are lovers not fighters. We came up with the kamasutra. The japs came up with the art of war stuff. Heck we even won our independence with the non violence/non corporation movement. We just look stupid when It comes to arrogance. But people from the indian subcontinent somehow feel that its cool to give the “don’t fuck with me or ill ‘try’ and beat you up” look. They suddenly get over protective about their girlfriends and for some reason the table that their sitting at. For fucks sake man!!! The reason I look at ure girlfriend is cause I cant believe how ugly she is and how anyone in the right mind would let her out in public. And as far as your table is concerned I don’t have a fetish for your table. You can take it home and make sweet love to it as far as im concerned. im sure it’ll still be better than your hideous girlfriend.

Last but not least… the chicks!!!

Heres the equation

Hindi remix + ghagra choli + barefeet bharatnatium + rum = somebody shoot me!

I never consider myself good looking. I never have and never will. I do look like im upto something all the time but that’s just me. I would never overdress myself & behave like im Brad Pitts long lost brother. But apparently some women that I seen last night have no clue or concept of a mirror. I have noting against people who aren’t good looking,. But I have something against people who think they are good looking but arnt really. Because they get loud. Try to attract a lotta attention. But heres the mystery, they actually get the attention. I mean from equally ugly guys but then I guess they cancel each other out.

I must confess that there was some songs that I really liked and I was with a decent set of people who were enjoying it a little more than I was but I wasn’t really bored. As insane as it was and a mockery of the indian culture I somehow was mildly amused by the whole thing. It made me realize that who we as a culture are gonna destroy ourselves from within. We don’t need any other country to come bomb us. We just need some gyrating bollywood actors and actresses defining which direction our culture takes. Bollywood has become the benchmark for our culture. And what is bollywood anyways. Just a sodomised version of whatever Hollywood has to offer. We have all become the sheep that follows the footsteps of really bad pop culture.

I rest assured that I wont be going for a chameli night anytime soon. I got an overdose of India. I love my country, but when I get a cruel reminder of the people I have to deal with, id rather take my chances elsewhere.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mind Trip

A couple of days ago i had a meeting at the Ritz carlton hotel. so while sitting in the restaurant in the lobby some breakfast was ordered. And this is what they served the water in. when i saw the waiter carrying the glasses on the tray i just couldnt get over the fact that they were all tilted.

We are soo used to the conventional way of seeing things. so when something unconventional comes along it grabs a whole bunch of attention. its still water in a glass. but make the glass tilted sideways and its gonna make you look. it creates a little drama... and we all need a little drama sometimes...